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Crazy idea: Mark Wahlberg should apologize for hate crime *before* asking for a pardon

10 Dec
via wikipedia

via wikipedia

Mark Wahlberg is seeking a pardon the various hate crimes he has underneath his belt. You may not know this, but Mark Wahlberg has quite an impressive record when it comes to terrorizing people of color. In 1988, Wahlberg approached a Vietnamese man, whom he called “A Vietnam fucking shit,” and then hit on the head with a wooden stick, breaking it in half and knocking the man unconscious. He fled the police and punched a second man in the face, also Vietnamese, because he’s productive and consistent like that, leaving him blind in one eye.  After he was arrested made Wahlberg made several statements about “gooks” and “slant-eyed gooks.”

Wahlberg has been very inclusive in his hate crimes. He also, for instance, chased after African American school children, calling them “niggers,” and hit two female school children with rocks.

Though he was charged with attempted murder, Walhberg pleaded guilty to assault, and was given two years and served 45 days.

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Men More Sexually Aroused When They Suspect Cheating? 4 Weird Things Science Told Us About Sex This Week

8 Dec

Here are some things we learned about sex this week. Rats: They’re just like us! Or a little like us, when it comes to liking their ladies in lingerie.

1. Male rats like their lady rats in lingerie: If you thought human males were the only ones into lingerie, you are wrong and very anthro-normative. It’s not that either humans or rats are evolutionarily programmed to like Victoria Secret. It’s that both humans and male rats can learn how to associate certain things with sex and thus find them sexier. Psychologists from Concordia University in Montreal gathered a dozen of male virgin rats (I know! Where do you find even a handful of virgin rats these days?) and threw a rat mixer for them. All the lady rats in attendance were wearing little rat jackets. And the male and female rats mated, as the do. On another occasion, scientists took the same bunch of now not-so-virgin male rats and threw them into a room, or cage, with two lady rats. One was naked and one was wearing the same jacket. The rats preferred the jacketed one. And by prefer I mean mounted her more frequently and ejaculated faster. Co-author Gonzalo R. Quintana Zunino explained that the experiment demonstrated that rats were able to learn, “Each time my partner wears lingerie [a jacket], I’m going to have sex.” Sounds a little presumptuous.

2. There must be something in the mistletoe: I must go to very boring holiday parties because I find this next study shocking. According to a survey done on 1,500 people by married dating site, 34% of Brits have sex with their colleagues after office holiday parties. So, a married dating site may skew a little, statistically speaking, when it comes to shagging (that’s what the Brits call having sex). Also 67% kissed a co-worker.

3. Indonesia introduces male birth control: Indonesian scientists are making pills with from the gendarussa shrub, which men on the island of Papua have long used as birth control by boiling it in tea and drinking it a half hour before having sex. According to scientists from the government’s National Family Planning Coordination Board and Airlangga University, the pills, which have been tested on 350 men, are 99% effective. They will go on sale in 2016. Why is male birth control so exciting? Well, it doesn’t mess with a woman’s hormones, which can have unpleasant side-effects.
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‘I can’t breath,’ ‘please don’t let me die,’ and other last words of police brutality victims

5 Dec
Eric Garner arrest (Screenshot)

Eric Garner arrest (Screenshot)

“I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath, I can’t breath.” Those were the last words uttered by Eric Garner. He told the police who was holding him in a chokehold eleven times that he couldn’t breath. Yet the policeman, Daniel Pantaleo, kept his arms around his neck and, perhaps even more appallingly, neither the police nor the EMT even attempted to revive Mr. Garner who lay on the ground for seven minutes.

Shirin Barghi, a filmmaker from Iran and based in New York City took the last words of Eric Garner as well as other unarmed Black men killed by law enforcement and turned them into very minimalist images that are truly heartbreaking.

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The best and worst moments in the Supreme Court hearing on pregnancy discrimination

5 Dec
image via wikipedia

image via wikipedia

Yesterday, the question of whether it is legal to fire someone for becoming pregnant went before The Supreme Court. December 3, 2014. That’s not a typo. TWO THOUSAND AND FOURTEEN!

Peggy Young had been working for UPS for four years when she became pregnant. When she told her employer that her doctor told her not to lift packages heavier than 20 pounds, she didn’t anticipate she would lose her job and health insurance for nine months. But that’s what happened, and that’s why her case is now in front of the Supreme Court.

Though UPS requires that its drivers be able to lift up to 70 pounds, Young assumed she could keep her job during her pregnancy because almost all of the packages she handled were under 20 pounds. She only handled packages weighing over 20 pounds a few times each month, and a co-worker had already offered to help on those rare occasions.

And here’s the thing. Part of the reason Young expected more flexibility from her employer was because UPS does, in fact, accommodate other workers by giving them light duty if they need it due to a disability or an on-the-job-injury. Its policy even accommodates workers who lose their commercial driver’s license because of a DUI. But if you get pregnant, instead of busted for driving while drunk, you’re screwed.
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California’s first ‘revenge porn’ conviction sends man to jail for topless photos of his ex

2 Dec
A public (not private) Facebook photo of Noe Iniguez

A public (not private) Facebook photo of Noe Iniguez

Monday was a historic and wonderful day for humanity (except for those people who post naked photos of their exes to try to get them fired, though I’m not sure how much they fit into the humanity category anyway, in which case ignore this whole disclaimer.)

California made its first ever conviction under a 2013 law against “revenge porn.” So, what is revenge porn, criminally speaking? As attorneys at Jackson & Wilson explain,

To prove this crime, the criminal prosecutor must show that the defendant (1) took pictures or videos of another person’s intimate body parts, with the mutual understanding that such images will be kept confidential; (2) distributes such images, where the victim is identifiable; (3) has the intent to cause serious emotional distress to the victim; and (4) the victim actually suffers such distress.

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A man kills a German woman for daring to intervene as he harassed girls in a bathroom

1 Dec
image via facebook

image via facebook

Earlier today I wrote about two Indian women who attacked three men who were harassing them on a bus. That story has a happy ending: the video has gone viral and the three men were arrested. But this case, also involving a group of men harassing young women, turned out very differently.

On November 15th, Tuğçe Albayrak, a 23-year-old university student studying to be a high school teacher, entered a women’s bathroom of a McDonalds in Offenbach, Germany, after hearing screams. It turned out that a group of young men were harassing a group of young women. Albayrak intervened in some way and this, apparently enraged one of the men. Because he returned and in video captured in very poor quality, by CCTV cameras, struck her on the head with something that caused her to fall to the ground, suffer a traumatic brain injury and fall into a coma.

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Indian women beat their male harassers with belts in viral video

1 Dec
image via youtube

image via youtube

To paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson  these women “have had it with these motherf****** snakes male harassers on this motherf****** plane bus!” Friday, two sisters fought back against three men they claim were harassing them. Sunday, the police arrested the men. The incident, which a bus-rider filmed on a cell phone, is now a viral video sensation. The women, 22-year-old Aarti and 19-year-old Pooja, were riding a bus home in India’s Rohtak district when, they say, three male passengers  started to harass them physically.

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Thanks for the massacre help, big guy! 4 quotes thanking god for killing ‘Indians’

29 Nov
via wikipedia

via wikipedia

Happy Thanksgiving! You probably know that many myths about the holiday still persist. And you probably have Thanksgiving romanticizes, to put it lightly, the history of the United States and the relationship between European and indigenous people.

Throughout history, European settlers have thanked god for help killing off indigenous populations. Because I would literally be here until the next Thanksgiving if I tried to compile all the “thanks for the extermination back up, God” quotes, I’m going to focus on the way a particular massacre inspired gratitude and thanksgiving celebration among the British.

The Mystic Massacre was part of the Pequot War (1637 and 1638), which took place between Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut and Plymouth colonies against the Pequot tribe. The Europeans (Surprise! Surprise!) took advantage of tensions among the different tribes and convinced the Naragansett and Monhegan tribes to join them. On June 5, 1637, the English, supported by the  Naragansett and Monhegan, surrounded the fortified village of Mystic, burned it to the ground and killed between 400-700 Pequots. As you will see below, this massacre really added to the celebration of Thanksgiving that year.

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Texas says Scott Panetti is sane enough to execute, and that is insane (for 19 reasons)

26 Nov

Texas plans to kill Scott Panetti Wednesday December 3rd for the murder of his in-laws. The state argues that the 58-year-old paranoid schizophrenic is sane enough to be executed. And that, ironically, is insane… or dishonest and cruel. The state reaffirmed its  commitment to not only capital punishment, but executing the mentally ill, in particular, on Tuesday, when the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals denied yet another motion for a stay of execution for Panetti. Not that it matters to Texas, apparently, but the evidence of Panetti’s severe mental illness is overwhelming. His upcoming lethal injection is even more criminal given that his mental health history is well documented and goes back nearly thirty years! Let’s take a look at the evidence of not just Panetti’s mental illness, but the numerous ways the courts and the state have failed him.

  1. Scott Panetti was first diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was 20 at the Brook Army Medical Center, shortly after being honorably discharged from the Navy in 1978.

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7 Fascinating Discoveries About Sexual Fantasies

24 Nov

Guess who thinks about having sex with two women? (Hint: nearly everyone.)

Originally posted on Alternet

A recent study about sexual fantasies made some surprising discoveries and some unsurprising ones. The research project from the Université du Québec and the Philippe-Pinel Institute of Montreal, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, analyzed the most common sexual fantasies. Researchers asked 1,516 participants to rate 55 sexual fantasies and then divided the fantasies into four categories: “statistically rare” (shared by 2.3 percent or fewer of participants), “statistically unusual” (shared by 15.9 percent or less of participants), “statistically common” (shared more than 50 percent) and “statistically typical” (shared by more than 84.1%).

Let’s take a look.

1. Fantasies about interracial sex are much more common among men. While only 27.5% of women reported fantasizing about having interracial sex, 61.2% of men said they had fantasized about it. So, this is a common fantasy among men, but not among women.

2. Oral sex for and by (nearly) everyone! Not surprisingly, both genders—78.5% of women and 87.6 of men—reported fantasizing about receiving oral sex. This means it’s a common fantasy for women and a typical one for men. Given that fellatio is more sanctioned, more openly discussed and more represented in film than cunnilingus, it’s not surprising that more men would fantasize about receiving oral sex. But what is surprising is that 78.1% of men had fantasized about performing cunnilngus and only 72.1% of women had fantasized about performing fellatio. I guess it’s time for Hollywood to catch up.

3. Romantic feelings are a fantasy? Who knew that “feeling romantic emotions during a sexual relationship” would not only be typical for men (88.3%) and women (92.2%) but the number one fantasy for both sexes! How wholesome!

4. Location, location, location: Atmosphere played an important role in fantasy for both men and women, with 81.2% of men and 86.4% of women stating that, “Atmosphere and location are important in my sexual fantasies.” Location was so crucial for women that their third and fourth most common fantasies were sex “in a romantic location (e.g. on a deserted beach)” and “in an unusual location (e.g. in the office; public toilet).”

5. Blowjobs, two women, cheating and location, location, location. It’s not that location isn’t important for men and their fantasies. It’s just that some other things are more important and some other fantasies more typical, like receiving oral sex (87.6%), having sex with two women (84.5%) and “having sex with someone that I know who is not my spouse” (83.4%). But after those two, the next most common fantasy for men is location based, with 82.3% having fantasized about sex in an unusual place.

6. Location, ejaculation, location. Lest you think only women fantasize about romantic locations, men do indeed fantasize about those, too. Sex in a romantic location is the ninth most common fantasy for men, coming in just behind the eighth most common fantasy for men, “Ejaculating on my sexual partner.”

7. Heterosexual fantasizing about observing and/or engaging in homosexual behavior. 56.5% of women fantasized about, “Having sex with more than three people, both men and women,” 42.4% fantasized about, “Watching two women make love,” 36.9% fantasized about, “having sex with two women,” and 35.7% fantasized about “Giving cunnilingus.” Men who identify as straight also exhibit these tendencies, with 26.8% fantasizing about giving fellatio and 45.2% fantasizing about having sex with two men.


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