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My Jacobin piece on Bernie Sanders


Bernie Returns Home to Brooklyn

Bernie Sanders is back in Brooklyn for his first 2020 campaign rally, but the New York socialist — who grew up in a working-class community and radical Jewish political tradition — never really left.

Anderson Cooper, moderating the March 2016 presidential debate, voiced the “disappointment” of Jewish leaders with Sanders’ keeping his Jewishness “in the background.” I’m no Jewish “leader,” but as a Jewish New Yorker, I find Cooper’s question to be a shame or shandeh, if you will.

But I also found it unintentionally amusing. Sanders couldn’t hide his Jewish identity if he tried. (See, for example, the way he removes Rs from the ends of words that end in R and adds them to words that don’t end in R so that terror becomes terra and idea becomes idear. Or the finger-wagging, which some have misdiagnosed as scolding sexism, even though it’s equal opportunity, is an example of what I like to call jewsticulating.)

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In which I called out The Bernie Bro smear

I went on Fox News to defend Ilahn Omar

How Come So Many Bernie Bros Are Women and People of Color?

Originally posted on Common Dreams


Despite data to the contrary, the media continues to distort Sanders’ politics and the diversity of his supporters

recent CNN poll shows that among potential Democratic candidates in Iowa caucuses Senator Bernie Sanders has the highest approval rating from people of color. And the diversity of the Sanders-inspired left was on display at the Sanders Institute Gathering in Burlington Vermont earlier this month, which I covered on my podcast, The Katie Halper Show.

But empirical evidence has not stopped much of the corporate press—including many “liberal” or “progressive” outlets and commentators—from condemning the senator as having “a race problem.”


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Bonus content of the week! Dating while socialist!

More bonus content coming this week but you can access last week’s now! It’s a chat with Erin Neff of the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) about dating while socialist.