The Death of Martina Davis-Correia: Mourn AND organize

Earlier today I wrote about the Philadelphia DA’s decision not to seek the death penalty for Mumia Abu-Jamal. Preceding this good news was the tragic news of the death of another death penalty abolition organizer, the utterly amazing Martina Davis-Correia, who fought tirelessly and with grace and dignity against for not only her brother Troy Davis, but for all victims of the prison-industrial complex. In a heartbreaking miscarriage of justice, Davis was executed in September by the state of Georgia, despite undeniable evidence of not just police and judicial misconduct, but his innocence. The evidence was so compelling and Troy’s death sentence was so abominable, that his international campaign enlisted unlikely allies including Bob Barr, a former federal prosecutor and Republican congressman from Georgia, and former FBI director William S. Sessions. But the real leader of the movement for Troy was his older sister Martina, whose death last Friday, deserves far more attention than it has received. Correia was fighting two death sentences, her brother’s and her own, having been diagnosed with breast cancer over a decade ago and given six months to live.

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