Meghan McCain: “Pro Life” AND Scared Sh*tless of Vaginal Probing

The vaginal probing bill should scare everyone and anyone who opposes, well, rape. Sadly, there are some out there, at least in Virginia, who vote for rape. And there are some politicians, at least in Virginia, who say they will actually implement rape. The extreme right likes to pretend that it isn’t extreme, that it represents the mainstream, and that the only people who are against personhood, vaginal probing, and putting aspirin between your knees as a contraceptive are Marxist Feminazis.

Of course, my being against personhood, vaginal probing and aspirin as birth control may actually strengthen their point.

But  ”pro life” Republican Meghan McCain’s  fear of the current misogynist trend among Republicans reminds us that the invasive vaginaphobes are the real extremists.

Yesterday, McCain went on the Maddow show and said:

“I’m pro-life. I’m not pro-vaginal probing. I feel like I have to go on television and delineate between the two things. I’m horrified by the bill as a woman, as a Republican woman, I’m horrified. It scares me that this can go on, it scares me that a woman can be vaginally probed without consent or a doctor’s consent…. Vaginal probing is something that I’ve had friends text me about ‘What does this mean. I’m not into politics but what does this say?’ This is something that will penetrate [no pun intended, I assume] beyond politics….”


Read more at Feministing

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