Infographic: global warming deniers are full of s***

Whenever I’m arguing with global warming skeptics, I disclaim that  I don’t claim to be an expert in any of the sciences that could prove or disprove global warming. I do, however, have enough common sense to realize that, quite frequently,  global warming deniers are or represent people or interests with potential ulterior motives (money), while global warming believers tend not to have ulterior motives (unless you but buy the Al Gore wants to create mass hysteria thesis, which I don’t) but do tend to have the support of most of the scientific community. So which side is more likely to be telling the truth? If you read what I just wrote, how was it for you? Was it as awkward for you to read as it was for me to write? I’m feeling kind of embarrassed and inadequate right now. You better just take a look at this infographic, posted by  Jess Zimmerman at Grist, which makes the point I’m trying to make.


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