Mad Men Remix: A Queer Love Story

The awesomely talented “Pop Culture Pirate,”  Elisa Kreisinger, has just released her latest work of video remix art, which plays with Mad Men, our expectations, and social norms.  Kreisinger is  a media fellow at the Center For Social Media at American University, a new media and video trainer for the Women’s Media Center, and an ”appropriation video artist” whose creations, like the Fran Lebowitz Coming Out Remix and the Sex and the City: QueerCarrie  remixes, have been featured in Salon, After Ellen, and Logo, to name a few.

In a (g-chat) interview, Kreisinger said,

 “When you’re culturally ‘poor’ for representation, both queer and feminist, you have to reuse the things you have access to, whether it be for subtext, your own entertainment or for critique. My hope was that I could turn the mixed feelings I had about the retro-sexual roles of women in mad men into something practical: product that my feminist theory addressed in theory only.”

Read more at Feministing

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