Governor Walker repeals equal pay, bans abortion coverage, mandates abstinence

Wisconsin Governor (R-surprise!) Scott Walker is a true Renaissance Man of Asshatery. He must be commended for his hard work, consistency and brazen bigotry in targeting not just workers‘ rights, not just reproductive rights, but even pay equity! Thursday, Walker passed over 50 bills but announced them Friday afternoon before the holiday weekend, so they would get less attention. Among the bills was

  1. bill banning abortion coverage in policies obtained through a health insurance exchange, which will be created in 2014.
  2. bill requiring doctors to consult and examine a woman seeking abortion privately, away from her friends and family, and to make sure she isn’t being pressured into having an abortion.
  3. a bill requiring sex-ed teachers to stress abstinence as the only way to prevent STDs and pregnancy. The bill also says teachers don’t have to address contraception at all. (How nice of the bill!)

Read the rest at Feministing

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