Rachel Maddow and the truth versus condescending, sexist Republican consultant

Republican consultant Alex Castellanos is pretty good at his job. It’s not easy to fully represent the extent of the Republican Party’s sexism, and yet Castellanos manages to do so in both content and form! And that’s pretty impressive. He demonstrated his skills on Meet the Press, as he denied the well-documented phenomenon unequal pay. Castellanos must have unsubscribed from the Institute for Women’s Policy Research e-mail list, or he would have heard about their study showing that women make 77 cents  cents per men’s dollar But, knowing it’s better to show than tell, Castellanos was in top sexist form, constantly interrupting Rachel Maddow, who was typically fact-based and gracious,  and even saying, “I love how passionate you are.  I wish you are as right about what you’re saying as you are passionate about it.  I really do.” Maddow called out Castellanos for being “really condescending” and explained, “[m]y passion on this issue–is actually me making a factual argument.” I don’t know how Maddow remained so calm, cool and collected. I’m pretty sure I would have combusted.

Video and transcript at Feministing

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