Dead beat dad Joe Walsh tells American hero Tammy Duckworth to STFU

[warning: the following is sarcasm. I’m writing this so I don’t pull my hair out and scream at the screen.] Joe Walsh is one classy guy. He continues to attack Tammy Duckworth for rubbing her service and sacrifice for this country in everyone’s faces. Every time she shows up anywhere she has to remind people she lost two legs and an arm when her helicopter was ambushed in Iraq. Can’t she, like, cover them up? It’s enough already. She may have fought for her country but Joe Walsh is also a warrior. He fought against paying over $100,000 in child support. But he is too humble and selfless to draw attention to his tireless fight against his own children. He also has fought against Tammy Duckworth for being a veteran, as he did in a Politico interview in April:

“I have so much respect for what she did in the fact that she sacrificed her body for this country,” said Walsh, simultaneously lowering his voice as he leaned forward before pausing for dramatic effect. “Ehhh. Now let’s move on.What else has she done? Female, wounded veteran … ehhh,” he continued. “She is nothing more than a handpicked Washington bureaucrat.  David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel just picked her up and dropped her into this district.”

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