Joe Walsh & Tammy Duckworth: Walsh didn’t always think veterans had to shut up about their service

Tea Partier and deadbeat dad Joe Walsh, who fought against paying over $100,000 in child support to his family, loves to attack Tammy Duckworth, who fought and sacrificed an arm and two legs for her country. This time Walsh is going after Duckworth for not shutting up about her service. This is pretty ironic, given that Walsh suffers from one of the worst cases of verbal diarrhea recorded in history. (He yelled at his constituents in a coffee shop, told the president to stop lying, said the president was elected only because he was African-American, mocked Duckworth’s service on multiple occasions.) And as recently as yesterday, Walsh doubled down on his criticism on Duckworth, saying, “I do believe she talks about her service too much. And as a voter in this district, I would want to know where she stands on issues.”

Read more at The Nation

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