Daniel Tosh was heckled & that’s the real crime or how not to write a real headline

Daniel Tosh’s comments to the woman he joked about being gang-raped did not constitute an apology but a “fauxpology,“  as Vanessa pointed out yesterday.

Tosh uses some classic tricks to apologize, without really apologizing.

Trick One: I was misquoted. Tosh seeks to relieve himself of any responsibility, since, hey, he didn’t even say it.

Trick Two: I was the victim. Tosh seeks to undermins his apology by defending the point that started the entire interaction. He did nothing wrong but defend himself of a heinous violation–heckling! This is a weak apology at best and a passive aggressive dig at worst.

Does he really think people will not see the trickery he is employing to NOT apologize but say he is? Well, if he does, he’s right, because the media has reported his non-apology as the real thing.

Read more at Feministing

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