Who says #occupy can’t be funny? Not Nato Green

The one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street is a time for reflection… and laughter. Check out Nato Green (from Laughter Against the Machine and a writer for Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell) talking about the Occupy Movement, drum circles (of course) and poop. Part of the transcript:

I’m really excited about being in the movement of the 99%, we’re the 99%, that’s inspiring, isn’t it? It’s also a lot because I want to be for the 99% but I don’t now if you realize this, that’s a lot of people– some of you are a step ahead of me– including a lot of assholes. And most of us, given the opportunity, would be able to stay “I’m for the 99% asterisk, except some people.” And we’d all have our own lists, you know what I mean? So, like for me I’d be for the 99% except for human resources, and the yoga people, and Jessica from high school because she broke my heart.

See the video at Feministing

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