Bette Midler Defies Hurricane, Fights Climate Change

Bette Midler knows that even when it comes to Hurricane Sandy, the show must go on. And so must her annual masquerade Hulaween — a major fundraiser for the New York Restoration Project. The nonprofit reclaims and restores New York City parks, community gardens, and open spaces throughout the five boroughs. Sandy makes the work of NYRP even more urgent.2012-11-01-bette.jpg

When I asked Midler, dressed as the corpse of CoCo Chanel to go with the evening’s French theme, whether “super” hurricanes like Sandy will change the minds of climate change deniers, she said: “I have no idea. But I know, I know in my heart, the truth. And I will not be swayed. And you know what, if people knew simple physics, they would understand it as well.”

Midler told Us Weekly, “We had no idea that this was gonna happen of course, that we were gonna have the devastation of Sandy. But there’s never been a time where our organization is needed more.” […]

Read more at The Huffington Post

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