How Jane Roe Went from being a Lesbian Pro-Choice Icon to a Straight Born-Again Anti-Choice Activist

Jane “Roe v Wade” Roe, or Norma McCorvey, was the plaintiff in the landmark Supreme Court Case which, 40 years ago today, legalized abortion in the United States. A former lesbian and pro-choice icon, McCorvey is now a straight, born-again, Catholic, anti-choice activist. What the fuck happened? Since McCorvey was born-again, and has struggled with addiction, I present to you a 12-step program and how-to guide of Norma’s transformation.

1. Be born (for the first time) and raised in Dallas by an abusive, alcoholic Jehovah’s Witness single mother.
2. Drop out of school by 14, start working as a roller-skating carhop at 15, run off with and marry a customer who orders a “furburger” (he had her at furburger).
3. Become pregnant, divorce your abusive husband, move back in with your mother and give her custody over your daughter.

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