Douchebag Congressman Will Use ‘Power of Humiliation’ Against the Gays

A brave Republican Congressman vowed to use the “power of humiliation” against the gays and their advocates who “love functioning in the dark.” Somebody has to do it! If not he, who? If not now, when?

The Congressman is Rep. James Lankford (R-OK), who earlier this month blamed gun violence on “welfare moms” and considers homosexuality a “choice issue.” (I mean, who wouldn’t choose to be part of a group that’s subjected to bashing, shaming, and general discrimination?) And at a recent town hall, he took a question from a woman named Sally, who appears to be Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern (R), who can boast of an impressive homophobic record herself and has said that “gays are an even bigger threat than terrorism.” I mean, she has a point. Just compare 9/11 and the recent Jodie Foster attack.

Read more at Jezebel

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