Meet Alabama’s governor: an anti-choice, equal opportunity offender

Earlier today I blogged about Alabama’s new bill which places major restrictions on abortion clinics. Well, meet the man who will sign this bill into law, the charming champion of the war on women, Governor, Robert Bentley. Bentley is not only the duly sworn chief executive of his state, but a licensed physician, who like all physicians has taken an oath to do no harm and to only heal. But when he signs, he will be not only undermining the rights of women throughout his state but undermining their health.

Who is Robert Bentley MD? Well, he seems to be an equal opportunity harmer, degrading the lives of not only women but other groups that are not of his tribe—wealthy, white, male, and Christian.

In 2011, he signed into law an immigration bill considered at the time the most restrictive in the nation, bypassing even Arizona. The law obliges schools to investigate students’ legal status, and resulted in many immigrants not sending their children to school. The law made it illegal to give a ride to an immigrant, hire an immigrant, and just be an immigrant—in that police were able to arrest anyone they suspect might be here illegally.

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