A Comic-ly Happy Ending

How one badass woman took on the comic industry’s sexism and won.

Given this whole war on women thing, it’s rare that I write about something that makes me or you, dear reader, feel good. But sometimes, just sometimes, “you find people” as Corky St. Clair says — people who have inspiring stories with happy endings.

In a guest post at The Hawkeye Initiative, an anonymous employee at Hawken developer Meteor Entertainment talks about how much she loves her job. There’s only one thing she can’t stand: a poster.

Our CEO loves this picture. It is to all appearances his favorite piece of comic art for the game. He had it blown up poster-sized, framed, and displayed on the out-facing wall of his office. There, it looms over the front room like a ship’s figurehead. It is the first thing workers and visitors see when they enter the building and the last thing they see when they leave. This little lady’s undermeats have been the open- and close- parens to my work world for the last six months.

The anonymous woman goes on to explain why she hates the poster so much:

How, you ask, can I stay mad at a sweet young belle who has so obviously taken a break from her important welding to offer me a piping hot cup of coffee and/or a vigorous hand job? (And probably, given her apparent safety consciousness, simultaneously?) If you don’t already know the answer, you might want to check out things like #1ReasonWhy, and the Bechdel Test, and also this, and this, and this and this, and all these other things. (And while we’re talking you should check out this other bullshit right here.)

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