My Documentary premiers in NYC & San Francisco Film Festivals!

Dear friends,
How are you? I know, it’s been forever. What? Oh, yeah. I miss you too.
I wanted to tell you about some exciting news. My documentary about Camp Kinderland, tongue and cheekily titled “Commie Camp,” is going to be premiering this summer in New York and in the Bay Area! So, please save the date, tell your friends, spread the word etc. Here and below is the trailer!
[vimeo 53359154 w=500&h=280]
The first film festival is VisionFest (“the other film festival”) in NYC at Tribeca Cinemas! Friday, June 28, 8PM.
The second film festival is The San Francisco Jewish Film Festival (the oldest and biggest Jewish film festival)
The time and date is TBA but I will send out an update next week, when I know. It will be sometime between July 25 and August 12. So, you know, just make sure you’re free each and every day between those two dates.Here are some recent posts of mine from the internets:
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