Visionfest 13 program 06 sold out with 23 days to go

What are people doing in New York this summer?  Well, we know what a whole slew of them are doing on the evening of June 28th.  Literally selling like ‘hot cakes,’ as the old saying states, tickets to Program 06 of this year’s VF13 line-up are SOLD OUT.

One of two “Centerpiece” blocks of this edition of VF, Program 06 boasts the World Premiere of Katie Halper’s COMMIE CAMP, a documentary film about Camp Kinderland, a summer camp which, since 1923, has been preaching the gospel of peace and social justice for all, just as Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck rage against the supposed indoctrination of today’s children by ‘extremist’ liberal institutions.  This film shows what really goes on at one of these ‘training’ camps.  Preceding the feature presentation will be the animated short, THE COLLECTOR’S GIFT, by Ryan Kravetz; the coming of age short, I FEEL STUPID, by Milena Pastreich; and the fun on wheels short doc, THE GASKETTES, by Jason House.

Excerpted from Domanivisionfilm

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