Top 10 Most Outrageous Responses to Marriage Equality

Last week, the Supreme Court ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which limited marriage to existing between a man and a woman, is unconstitutional and that there was no legal standing to appeal the overturning of Prop 8, which banned same-sex marriage in California. It didn’t take long for opponents of marriage equality to freak out about these rulings, which, apparently, signal the end of the world as we know. (And they don’t feel fine.)  Here are some of the best responses.


In a blog post with the understated title of  Satan’s End-Time Strategy to Outlaw Traditional Marriage in Full SwingCharisma editor Jennifer LeClaire writes:  “Today’s rulings set into motion a dynamic that could mainstream gay marriage in this nation sooner than later—and forward the satanic agenda to eventually end a godly institution that’s almost as old as the world itself.”


Christian radio broadcaster Janet Mefferd said: “If you think this is just an attack on marriage, it isn’t; it’s an attack on your liberty, an attack on the rule of law and it’s an attack on every person in California…Look who you have running your state, all these people have done in the California legislature is it’s gay law here and gay law there and gay role models and ban gay reparative therapy for minors…it’s totalitarian.” She also said America is in its “death throes.”

Mefferd isn’t the only one with death on the mind. Rick Santorum fears that with the DOMA ruling, the Supreme Court will establish some sort of constitutional right or find that marriage is unconstitutional in its current form. “That to me will put the death knell in it.”


The American Decency Association’s Lisa Van Houten warned that the Supreme Court’s DOMA decision “will live in infamy” like Pearl Harbor:

As we look back on history there are dates which we now see were crossroads, turning points for nations and cultures. July 4, 1776; June 6, 1944. December 7, 1941; January 22, 1973. Battles fought, decisions made – some establishing goodness and justice, others are dates that ‘will live in infamy.’ I believe today, June 26, 2013, is the latter. A date when the United States Supreme Court ruled in favor of same sex marriage, and undermined true marriage – one man and one woman – which was instituted, not by any government, but by God.

What do you expect, though, since, as Van Houten explains, “The homosexual agenda cannot and will not abide peaceably alongside the true, biblical institutions of marriage and family as ordained by God. As the homosexual agenda is legitimized – even by the United States Supreme Court – marriage, family, and our religious liberty will be undermined.”

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