Chile won’t let pregnant 11-year-old raped by her mother’s boyfriend have an abortion

She is known as Belén. She is eleven years old and 14 weeks pregnant. She was raped repeatedly by her mother’s boyfriend over the course of two years. The mother claims the relationship that started when her daughter was NINE was consensual. Thankfully, Belén’s grandmother doesn’t see it that way, and she alerted the police to the abuse, which the boyfriend admitted to. There are several reasons even an anti-choicer would think Belén deserves an abortion:

  • She is eleven years old.
  • She is a rape victim.
  • She is the victim of incest.
  • The pregnancy poses a serious health risk to Belen.
  • The health of the fetus is at risk

Belén’s doctors want to terminate. But they are afraid to. Because Belén happens to live in one of the five countries (along with El Salvador, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Malta) that does not allow abortions under any circumstances. […]

Read more at Feministing.

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