Fox News cares more about dogs than women

Fox News cares more about dogs than women

Much of the media spent Monday celebrating Women’s Equality Day. Sure, that’s important and all, but they failed to observe another holiday that truly represents the voiceless and powerless underdogs of society: National Dog Day. Luckily, one news channel had the decency and courage to prioritize the canine appreciation day over the celebration of women’s equality: Fox News.  The channel did not mention Women’s Equality Day, but “Fox & Friends” celebrated NDD by showing dog photos sent in by viewers and the host. Anna Kooiman then described co-host Brian Kilmeade’s dog as rude and recalled when he (the dog, not Kilmeade) urinated on the set of the show. Kilmeade denied the allegation. The “furry friends” segment was so serious, that to segue into the next one, Kilmeade said, “On a lighter note …” Let’s compare a few key facts about the two days, shall we?

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