Quick hit: Marissa Alexander won’t be able to spend Thanksgiving with her family

Screen Shot 2013-11-15 at 3.42.53 PM

The sentencing of Marissa Alexander to 20 years for shooting at the wall to scare off an abusive husband provoked national outrage. And Alexander was granted a new trial that will take place in March 2014. So why is this 32-year-old mother still in jail?

It should be unbelievable and shocking, but it’s tragically consistent with Marissa Alexander’s experience with the criminal justice system. Even Alexander’s ex-husband, who is the alleged victim of the shooting, wants Alexander to be out on bond until her trial in the spring. And yet a judge postponed her bail hearing and the District Attorney maintains that Alexander should be denied her freedom. Why? As Joy Reid explains at The Grio, it’s because of Angela Corey, the Florida DA, politics and PR.

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