Morning Jew: Gwyneth, Hobby Lobby, Sheldon Silver, and Jewish School Boards!

On today’s Morning Jew we…

talk about Gwyneth Paltrow‘s divorce and Jewish identity.s

discuss Hobby Lobby and the Supreme Court and imagine what the Jewish equivalent of a Christian arts & crafts store would look like. (It would be called Hobbyla Lobbyla.) Plus we discuss how Katie almost became Orthodox.

commiserate over the shanda that is Sheldon Silver and William E. Rapfogel and how the Lower East Side is kind of like Israel, if the Palestinians were Puerto Rican and had been told they could come back.

Then, we have MORNING JEW EXCLUSIVE! Jesse Bacon, our mensch of the week, who is also our first stringer, reporting from Philadelphia about some huge news from a Jewish School board!

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