GOP candidate claims she can’t be fighting a war on women because she’s…a woman

In a hilarious painfully awkward campaign ad, Michigan senate candidate Terri Lynn Land argues that her simultaneous female and Republican identities disprove the claim that she’s engaged in a “war on women.” But her whole opposition to the equal pay thing reveals that she is definitely a soldier and she’s definitely not fighting for equality.

While there are problems with the “war on women” framing, there’s no question that the Republican party opposes many policies — from pay equity to reproductive freedom — that are important to gender equality. But Land argues that the claim that she’s involved in a war on women is so off it’s almost funny. Because, hey, she’s a woman and that fact alone makes it impossible for her to be anti-woman:

I’m Terry Lynn Land. [Democratic opponent] Congressman Peters and his buddies want YOU to believe I’m waging a war on women. REALLY? Think about that for a moment. [Kitch elevator cha cha music plays while Land sips from a coffee cup with impeccable comedic timing for a few moments.] I’m Terry Lyn Land [in case we’ve forgotten from 3 seconds ago] and I approve of this message because as a woman,  I might know a little bit more about women than Gary Peters.

Now, before getting to what Land actually thinks and knows about women, let’s look at the theoretical problems with her argument. If it were a logical proof it would look like this: I am a woman. Therefore I can’t have views that are anti-woman. Apparently, Land has never heard of Phyllis Schlaffly. Nor has she read Ann Friedman, who has explained that ”a woman candidate is not the same thing as a woman’s candidate.”

But, lucky for us there’s no need for a theoretical conversation. We have concrete, real world evidence of Land fighting the war on women WBW (while being a woman.) Check out the video below of Land speaking at a 2010 Senior Women’s Club event:

Well, we all like to be paid more and that’s great, but the reality is that women have a different lifestyle… They have kids. They have to take them to get dentist appointments, doctors appointments, all those kinds of things. And they’re more interested in flexibility in a job than pay.

Here’s some easy logic: opposing equal pay legislation = opposing very basic fairness and equality = fighting a war on women. Land, and the GOP as a whole, oppose equal pay legislation. Therefore, regardless of her gender, Land and the party she represents are fighting a very real war on women.

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