Also, Ben Stein is nostalgic for when “lynchings of African Americans weren’t rare”

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Ben Stein is a renaissance man. Famous for his role as the attendance-taking teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, he was also a game show host, a speech writer and lawyer for President Nixon and a philanderer. He is a man of contradictions. Socially conservative and in an open marriage. Jewish and doesn’t believe in evolution.

But when it comes to his racism, he’s extremely consistent. Recently, Stein gave an interview with Newsmax in which he totally, and unequivocally, exonerated not only the officer who killed Michael Brown, but the officer (who was actually not a policeman, and explicitly disobeyed police orders to stay in his car) who killed Trayvon Martin. For Stein, both Brown and Martin, not their innocent executioners, were the guilty ones.

Stein disputes the fact that Brown was not armed:  ”I mean he wasn’t unarmed; he was armed with his undoubtedly strong, scary self.” See! If he didn’t want to get shot, Brown shouldn’t have gone out with…. himself.

Also, if you want to not be executed by the police, simply change your tone.  In both the Martin and Brown case,

it’s the very large, so-called victim attacking the policeman who winds up dead…. I mean if they didn’t just, would not attack the policeman, if they would just talk to the policeman in a reasonable way instead of attacking the policeman, nobody would be dead.

(FYI, Trayvon Martin was 158 pounds. George Zimmerman weighs 178 pounds at the time. But, yes, Martin was taller. None of this is relevant but it just shows how Stein’s theory lack coherence and how is premise is not based on reality)

So, Ben Stein’s advice to young Black men: don’t leave the house because you are scary. But if you do… use your words.

Stein is concerned for the real victims and expressed fear that the Justice Department’s investigation into the killing of Brown would result, not in justice, but in a ”lynching jury.” Choice words.

Luckily, Stein doesn’t just use lynching as a metaphor. He addresses it literally:

There was a time, even in my youth … when lynchings of African Americans were not that incredibly rare. Now the lynchings are of the police, and it’s just an outrage!

Ahhh… the good old days. Before lynching of African Americans was replaced by the lynching of police officers. Not sure when any police officer in the United States was ever lynched. But it makes a great soundbite (lie).

To hear more about Ben Stein’s racism police fetish, watch this week’s Morning Jew.

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