Ex-gay movie star tells Lady Gaga to “shut up”

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I was already sooooo excited to see the pro ex-gay-conversion “documentary” Such were Some of You. But after seeing the latest clip of the film that appeared on today’s 700 Hundred Club, I’m ecstatic. The clip opens with an enthralling image: white letters spelling out “Born Gay?” amidst a pitch black background. Then we see a random white dude on the street who says, “I believe they were born that way.” As the exciting soundtrack draws you in with its insistent violin and drums, a certain Doctor Michael Brown explains that “there’s absolutely no evidence” that anyone is born gay. And then, for some reason, the editors thought it would be a good idea to drive home Brown’s point with a fairly contradictory one as a woman says, “I didn’t want to be gay.” But by far, the best part is when a former gay young man with very engineered eyebrows (I’m thinking waxed but threaded is definitely a possibility) delivers this zinger: I have to say, Lady Gaga, shut up. I was not born this way.” Oh no he didn’t!

A “Pure Passion Media” production, the film was produced by David Kyle Foster, who, prior to his, “salvation,”  “struggled with a serious bondage to pornography and other sexually addictive behaviors.” To clarify, he wasn’t into bondage, per se, he was just a slave to sexual addiction. It is unclear what his porn genre of choice is. Miraculously, though he claims that he slept with 1,000 men, Foster is now happily hetero.

Though I highly recommend the film, from the clips I’ve seen,  the Dove Foundation, which is “dedicated to advocating for families and moving Hollywood in a more family-friendly direction,” does warn that some of the content may be inappropriate. For example, the film includes, among other things, “talk of one night stands… man and woman kiss… talk of adult tops; comment about being a male prostitute; a comment about being a stripper.” In terms of language,  film also includes one “OMG” and one “Butt.” In terms of nudity, there is “Cleavage in a couple of scenes; short shorts.” And a man “mentions the word ‘snot’ a few times…”

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