Priorities: ‘Liberal’ media aired Bush’s stem cell speech, won’t air Obama’s on immigration

George W. Bush speaks to CBS News (screen grab)
George W. Bush speaks to CBS News (screen grab)


The mainstream media certainly has its priorities in order. Tonight, when President Obama announces his new plan for immigration reform, you can be sure that the networks will be airing totally ignoring the speech on one of the most pressing and relevant issues facing not only the country but the world. That’s right, ladies and gentleman ABC, CBS. NBC and Fox (duh) have said they won’t be covering the speech live.

In all fairness, this makes sense. After all, why should the networks cover this issue when it is soooo stale? It’s so ten years ago. Or eight years ago, to be precise. All four networks covered President Bush’s 2006 speech on immigration. So why should they cover another speech on the same issue? I mean the president’s have totally different policies and the context is pretty different. But, still, what’s the new angle? I don’t see one. Do you? Bush announced  he was sending National Guard troops to protect the U.S./Mexico border. Obama will announce an executive order that will grant legal status and work permits for as many as 5 million people. When you strip away the political jargon, aren’t the two policies  identical to each other?

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