A man kills a German woman for daring to intervene as he harassed girls in a bathroom

image via facebook
image via facebook

Earlier today I wrote about two Indian women who attacked three men who were harassing them on a bus. That story has a happy ending: the video has gone viral and the three men were arrested. But this case, also involving a group of men harassing young women, turned out very differently.

On November 15th, Tuğçe Albayrak, a 23-year-old university student studying to be a high school teacher, entered a women’s bathroom of a McDonalds in Offenbach, Germany, after hearing screams. It turned out that a group of young men were harassing a group of young women. Albayrak intervened in some way and this, apparently enraged one of the men. Because he returned and in video captured in very poor quality, by CCTV cameras, struck her on the head with something that caused her to fall to the ground, suffer a traumatic brain injury and fall into a coma.

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