Apparently, Bill de Blasio disrespects police because he has bi-racial children and acknowledges racism

image via wikipedia
image via wikipedia

The other day, something I wrote here– If ‘Black Lives Matter’ killed NYPD officers, Tea Party killed Las Vegas police–caused a not very surprising or remarkable Facebook fight, which evolved into a debate over Bill de Blasio’s role in and response to the murders of two NYPD officers.  After people accused Bill de Blasio of being part of the problem and failing to do his job, I commented,

After I review the evidence, I will offer advice to the Mayor on how he can best move forward and redeem himself.

First, what exactly did Bill de Blasio say that has landed him in so much trouble. On December 3, after a StatenIsland grand jury decided not to indict the officer whose chokehold killed Eric Garner, de Blasio said that he was “astonished by the decision” and that it was a  “very painful day for so many New Yorkers.” De Blasio also made the following unspeakable comments about how he and his wife Chirlane have worried about the safety of their son, Dante:

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