Want extra Katie Halper content?

Support my writing and podcasting please!!

If you like my work, and want to support independent writing and podcasting that isn’t afraid to make liberals angry (from the Left) you can support me! Like lots of people who are independent media makers, I have a Patreon, which is kind of like a kick starter but monthly. If you pay $5 a month, that’s $1.25 a week or less than 17 cents a day, you get bonus content like behind the scenes, extended interviews, and videos. So, just go to Patreon.com/thekatiehalpershow

Extras you can access right now includes a segment on “Dating while socialist,” an extended interview with Ben Jealous, an extended interview with Freddie DeBoer, Amber A’Lee Frost and Juan Mejia.

It’s definitely worth it! Though I’m biased…

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