Caption Contest: Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala Walk out of a train Station — what are they saying


Most of us are familiar with the face of pundit Tucker Carlson, the bow-tied, editor of the Daily Caller who refuses to stop wearing his boarding school uniform. But not everyone gets to see  his surprisingly tan visage up-close and personal. But I did. Yesterday. On the mean streets of New York City. Where he must have felt very uncomfortable and threatened.

It was just outside Penn Station. And I almost bumped into him. I was surprised to see him in my neck of the woods and even more surprised to see that he was with Paul Begala, the political consultant and commentator from the other side of the aisle, who sometimes e-mails me #NBD. But then again, so does President Barack Obama. Sometimes. Also, #NBD.

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“Daily Caller” celebrates Women’s Equality Day with a sexy slideshow that is broken

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.19.02 PM

Sigh. If only the left were as irreverent, creative and  funny as the people over at the Daily Caller. I mean, we already know that the site is cool, since anything run by Tucker Carlson is at least as hip as his bow ties and inverted mushroom coif.

But now they’ve really outdone themselves, with a “Celebrate Women’s Equality Day With These Ten Beauties [SLIDESHOW].”

The Daily Caller’s Entertainment Reporter writes,

August 26 was deemed “Women’s Equality Day” a mere 41 years ago for a reason, and The Daily Caller will pay homage to it the proper way. These ten beautiful women truly have no equals, so we applaud them and their figures.

OK. So, it’s not surprising that this was stupid and not funny. But what was genuinely surprising was that I wasn’t able to navigate through the slide show very well. Like, get it together, Tucker. Can’t you guys pay a good coder? And I wasn’t the only one.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 12.34.48 PM

Also, do they know that Olivia Wilde, whom they include in the slideshow, is an ACLU-supporting feminist? Or maybe they do… and her punishment is being included on this list?

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