Delhi rapist on victim’s death: ‘girls are more responsible for rape’, ‘shouldn’t fight back’

image via wikipedia
image via wikipedia

I almost can’t believe that anyone would ever say aloud the words spoken by Mukesh Singh, one of the men convicted for the brutal rape and murder of Jyoti Singh (no relation), a 23-year old medical school student. Jyoti and her male companion had just gone to see the film The Life of Pi when they got on an off-duty Delhi bus one Sunday night in December 2012. On the bus were five men and one teenage male who knocked her friend unconscious with a rod before raping Jyoti and penetrating her with a rod with so much force she had to have most of her intestines removed. She died two weeks later from these injuries she had sustained to her abdomen.

Mukesh Singh defends himself by saying he didn’t rape Jyoti. But the court found that DNA evidence indicated otherwise.  And let’s for argument’s sake say he didn’t rape her, at very least he drove the bus as the other men, one of whom was his brother, took turns essentially raping her to death. And the police also say that Mukesh tried to run Jyoti and her friend over, after they were thrown off the bus.

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Indian women beat their male harassers with belts in viral video

image via youtube
image via youtube

To paraphrase Samuel L. Jackson  these women “have had it with these motherf****** snakes male harassers on this motherf****** plane bus!” Friday, two sisters fought back against three men they claim were harassing them. Sunday, the police arrested the men. The incident, which a bus-rider filmed on a cell phone, is now a viral video sensation. The women, 22-year-old Aarti and 19-year-old Pooja, were riding a bus home in India’s Rohtak district when, they say, three male passengers  started to harass them physically.

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The HindJew Connection: why Israel and India are becoming BFFs

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Things are getting really hot and heavy between Israel and India. Just hours after arriving in New York City for the UN General Assembly last month, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with his Indian counterpart, Narendra Modi. Modi even spent some quality time with the American Jewish Committee. Moving forward, India will finally receive the Barak-1, the missile manufactured by the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). On the archeological front, Modi’s government is speeding up the renovation and restoration of India’s synagogues. And, in the ultimate metaphor of penetration, a cyclone named after the state bird of Israel is headed towards India!

So what explains the increasingly intimate relations between these two countries? According to Netenyahu,

We’re two old peoples, some of the oldest civilizations on earth. But we’re also two democracies… If we work together we can [seize the future]….We’re very excited by the prospects of greater and greater ties with India. We think the sky’s the limit.

And Modi said,

I agree with you that India Israel relations are historical. I met this morning with people from the Jewish community, the American Jewish Council. …India is the only country where anti-semitism has never been allowed to come up, and where Jews have never suffered, and lived as an integral part of our society.

Indeed, Modi’s party, the Bharatiya Jana Sangh or BJP, is right wing. And as Philip Weiss points out in a post on the “Bromance” between Modi and Netenyahu, the two leaders have a special connection: Continue reading “The HindJew Connection: why Israel and India are becoming BFFs”