Do Ron Paul Supporters Really Think a Racist Ad Helps Their Candidate?

It’s not like Ron Paul doesn’t have a problematic track record when it comes to race. He opposes the Civil Rights Act and is trying to distance himself (though half-heartedly) from hateful and vitriolic racist language spewed in his newsletters. So, I can’t imagine why Paul’s supporters would think a racist  ad, which goes after Jon Huntsman for adopting daughters from China and India, would help their candidate. Are they really that out of touch? Or really that racist? Or maybe they’re equal opportunity advocates, diversity zealots, tired of racism against black people and working for a more inclusive bigotry that embraces Asian people. To its credit, the ad achieves a sophisticated, vintage flavor, complete with Chinese flute music, rarely found outside 1980’s movies, such as Sixteen Candles.

My appearance on The Young Turks

Here’s just a sliver of my appearance on the Young Turks.

Can three progressive Power Panelists kill Cenk’s crush on Ron Paul?

Even though Cenk says Ron Paul is right on 50 percent of the issues — especially civil liberties and the war in Iraq — his Power Panel says he’s a terrible choice for progressives. “He’s worse than any candidate in the race except maybe Rick Santorum on civil rights,” Ben Mankiewicz says. “Nobody who cares about equality and moving this country forward in any kind of progressive way would even consider voting for Ron Paul in a billion years.” Political comedian Katie Halper says, “I think if you are a straight, white man who wants to drink raw milk, Ron Paul is your candidate… I assume he’s equal opportunity bigoted.” Ari Berman from ‘The Nation’ gets the last word: “He’s tantalizing, but I don’t think you should fool progressives into thinking he’s a guy who will speak to progressive points of view on a whole range of issues.”