This week in rape culture: it’s not rape if you’re married, contact the rapist, or work in prison

image via shutterstock
image via shutterstock

There’s so much rape culture in the world it’s nearly impossible to keep up! So, I’ve taken the liberty of gathering just some of the best examples of rape culture from this week. It turns out a lot of things we think of as rape aren’t really rape at all. This is great news for all of you out there who thought you were victims or survivors of rape. Congratulations! You’re not!

So here, without further ado… I present… #YouKnowYoureNotRapedIf

1. You are unconscious but your non-rapist is your boyfriend or husband. State Rep. Angela Romero (D-Salt Lake City) presented a bill which would clarify the state’s legal definition of rape. Up until now, rape was defined as taking place when “The victim has not consented and the actor knows the victim is unconscious, unaware that the act is occurring, or physically unable to resist.” Romero, being the extremist, man-hating, feminist that she is, wanted to remove, “the victim has not consented.” Her radical reasoning is that, “if somebody is unconscious you probably shouldn’t attempt to try to have sexual relations with them.” In other words, you shouldn’t be allow to have sex with someone who is unconscious and then say it’s not rape because they didn’t “say” no.

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