Three Reasons I Wish I Could Quit You, Susan Koman or Why I’m Happy I Bought My Breast Cancer Awareness Smith and Wesson Gun!

Yesterday, Lori  blogged the then-breaking news that the Susan Koman Foundation woul stop funding Planned Parenthood’s breast cancer screenings, bowing to pressure from ironically named “pro-life” groups and their ironically named “pro-life” new Vice-President, Karen Handel, who unuccesfully ran for Governor of Texas on an anti- Planned Parenthood campaign. Since the Foundation’s cuts will mean a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars that would have gone mostly to breast examx, these organizations and this creature, are less pro-life and more anti-life, pro-cancer and, ultimately pro-death.

Of course, people are encouraging donating directly to Planned Parenthood, or other great organizations. Sure, not having women dye in back alleys is great. Giving women who otherwise couldn’t afford breast exams is great too. But the truth is, I don’t know if I have the budget for any donations. I would have to dip into my monthly allotment for Sally G Komen products. And I’m not sure I am prepared to take that radical step.

Read the rest at Feministing

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