Confessions From a Survivor of ‘Communist-Rooted’ Camp Kinderland

Photo by Matt Weinstein

Recently, as the prestigious Daily Caller reports, Americans for a Limited Government (ALG) (in a report, which mentions yours truly) exposed two dangerous facts about Obama’s Labor nominee, Erica Groshen: “In addition to having sent her kids to a camp with Communist roots, Groshen publicly favors more regulations on small businesses.” I honestly don’t know which one is worse. But since I am a third generation Kinderland alum and the director of the soon-to-be released documentary about Camp Kinderland, and not a small business or small business owner, I thought I’d write about the first charge.

This country cannot afford to have a woman whose kids went to Kinderland lead the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Who knows how her children brainwashed their mother with the values of the camp. For starters let’s look at the people the bunks at Kinderland are named after: Harriet Tubman, Anne Frank, Emma Lazarus, Roberto Clemente. With heroes like these, who knows where these campers could end up! Anywhere from attics, to forests, to the Statue of Liberty, to a baseball diamond, bashing the ball of the American republic with each swing of the unpatriotic bat.

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