Thank You, Daily Caller, for Red-Baiting Camp Kinderland

Campers race during Kinderland’s World Peace Olympics

First of all, I’d like to thank the Daily Caller and Americans for Limited Government for red-baiting Camp Kinderland. For one, I’d be upset if they praised us. Also, it allows me to experience to a very limited degree the 1950s, in all of its McCarthyist glory, without having actually lived through it.

Erica Groshen, Obama’s nominee for commissioner of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, evidently sent her children to Camp Kinderland. We should probably look at every educational institution any child of any nominee has attended to make sure we don’t turn any Communist into a government appointee.

But since I don’t have time for that, let me tell you some of the things we do at camp that the ALG and Daily Caller would consider subversive.

Read the rest at The Nation

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