Finally! A Republican video game lets you to slap Hillary Clinton in the face

Proving that Republicans are (justifiably) scared shitless about a potential Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential run, a Republican anti-Clinton Super PAC brings you a game where you are encouraged to slap the former Secretary of State (who has not even announced that she’s running) across the face. But before getting to the game, let’s discuss the Super PAC, whose treasurer is Christopher M. Marston, a former member of the Bush administration and a Republican campaign finance consultant. The Super PAC is called The Hillary Project  and rocks the catchy motto “The Only Thing Standing Between Hillary and the White House.” I’ve provided a screenshot, so you can appreciate the artwork; the urgency of the red and the spookiness of the font are particularly effective.

Just how they are standing between Hillary and the White House is unclear. The site does have a STOP HILLARY PETITION, though it’s unclear to whom it is addressed or how it will deter a Clinton campaign. It is, nonetheless, frightening. The petition opens with “Hillary Clinton – the name alone strikes dread in the hearts of freedom loving Americans” and ends with, “If left unabated, Hillary Clinton has an excellent chance of becoming our next president. Our Goal: 20,000,000 signatures to tell Hillary to stay home! SIGN NOW”

I’m sure the Super PAC will have no trouble raising money because, while other projects give away bumper stickers for free, The Hillary Project offers “a free bumper sticker” for $15, and “50 free bumper stickers” for $500. I wouldn’t be surprised if they sold out fast. Check it out!


Read more at Feministing

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