Morning Jew: Bridgegate, Chelsea Handler, last names & Bill Keller

As usual, Katie Halper and Heather Gold look at the week’s headlines and ask, “Was it good for the Jews?” This week, we tawk about the exciting origins of Ashkenazi Jewish last names (find out what YOUR name means, Jews. Or what your friends’ or enemies’ names mean, gentiles). Then we look at why New York Times’ Bill Keller feels the need to tell a woman with cancer to shut up and die the right way. Of course, we look at Bridgegate, which Heather thinks may actually be the best thing for Jews since sliced Challah. And then, we thank our generous tipper who wants to know our position on Chelsea Handler. Also, I Jew out Heather in a moment that supposed to end up on the cutting room floor.

And we’re on Zeek again!  Enjoy! You’re welcome!

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