Happy Martin Luther King Day

Originally published January 20, 2014 on Feministing.

We are taking the afternoon off in honor of Martin Luther King Day. But here are some great articles, videos, and links which honor King’s life and highlight his legacy speaking truth to power. (Video transcript and more after the jump.)

Democracy Now!’s “Martin Luther King in his own words” video and transcript can be found here.

‘No shots fired’ day urged to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day Celebrations Honor The Late Civil Rights Activist

When Schools Stay Open on Martin Luther King Day

Listen and/or read Dr. King’s Nobel Peace Prize lecture here.

The history of racist resistance to Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The FBI Wrote A Letter To Martin Luther King Telling Him To Commit Suicide

4 Ways Martin Luther King Was More Radical Than You Thought

Angela Davis on Martin Luther King

MLK’s Dream Of Economic Equality Is Still Far From Realized

Happy MLK Day: Your Friendly Reminder Martin Luther King Loved Planned Parenthood and Birth Control

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