Map of the Day: Is abortion insurance coverage banned where you live?

image via Mother Jones

As we covered before, bans on insurance coverage of abortion have become a popular anti-choice tactic in recent years. Twenty-four states have banned Obamacare plans from covering abortion. But an anti-choicer’s work is never done and now states are prohibiting all private insurance plans from covering the procedure.

If you live in one of the nine states in dark purple in the map above, you can’t use private insurance to cover abortion. Those who live in one of the 10 light purple states should know that these states have considered legislation that would ban your coverage. And it’s not like those of us who live in the remaining states can breath a sigh of relief, given that anti-choicers are doing whatever they can to limit reproductive freedom.

For more on this scary trend, see Molly Redden‘s piece at Mother Jones.

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