Scotland passes same-sex marriage & historic transgender law & there was a rainbow!

image via @Scarl3tArachnid
Image via @Scarl3tArachnid

Congrrrrrrratulations are in orrrrrrderrrrrr forrrrrr Scotland, which just became the 17th countrrrrrry legalize same-sex marrrrrriage. But that’s not all.

[Now without the brogue] Today, Scotland legalized same-sex marriage in a parliamentary vote of 105-18. The parliament also ended something called the “spousal veto,” which required that transgender people get written permission from their spouses before having their gender recognized by the state. Though England and Wales had already passed marriage equality legislation, Scotland is the only country in the United Kingdom to get rid of the “spousal veto.”

And there was a rainbow. For real. Which appeared hours before the vote. And which just  might convince those who believe in an all mighty weather-controlling god that said all mighty weather-controlling god hearts marriage equality and rights for transgender people. #JustSayin

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