Video: “Everybody knows new mothers are exhibitionists”


The Australian musical comedy duo Sparrow-Folk exposes, literally, the menace that is public breastfeeding.

Nurse-flashing wasn’t a term. Until now. When I invented it. But it’s a serious problem. It is when a woman shoves her breast into your her baby’s face in public. Luckily, this self-indulgent nutritionistic practice is getting called out. Last month, for instance, the notoriously boob-phobic and modest establishment called Victoria’s Secret told a customer she could not breastfeed her baby in the dressing room. Though technically private, a dressing room is, apparently, a sacred and boob-free space. But don’t worry. The sensitive employee provided excellent customer service by suggesting that the woman breast feed in a more appropriate venue: the end of a very long alley, where nobody would see her.

Below Australian musical duo Sparrow-Folk confesses that mothers revel in ruining people’s days with their “tits.”

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