This Week in Sex: A “new” female erogenous zone…and more

Photo Credit: conrado /
Photo Credit: conrado /

1. Men and lesbians have more orgasms than straight women and that’s, apparently, news?!

Gay man, straight men and lesbians have more orgasms during sex than straight women, which is “shocking news,” said no woman ever.

2. Male scientist finds another female erogenous zone men won’t be able to find.

In related news, a male Italian scientist thinks he has put his finger on what makes women orgasm. And it’s not the G spot, the place the place its namesake, the German gynecologist Ernst Gräfenberg, claimed to have found it back in the 1950s. In a new article published in the journal Nature Reviews Urology, Emmanuele A. Jannini, Professor of endocrinology and sexology at Tor Vergata university in Rome, claims that a woman has an orgasm in her “sensitive area” known as the clitourethrovaginal (CUV) complex: “Until now, studies have talked about a ‘G-spot.’ But it’s not simply a spot as has previously been thought…. Compared to the male erogenous zones, it is much more variable and complex, and also varies from woman to woman depending on the hormonal cycle.” Sounds very promising!

3. Contrary to popular belief, Isis lingerie is named after Egyptian Goddess and not the Sunni Jihadist group.

I understand the confusion. I really do. I mean, when a store which sells lingerie and sex toys, puts out a new “Isis” line of black and white lacy thongs and bras, it’s pretty obvious that said store is endorsing the Sunni Jihadist, Islamist, fundamentalist, terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and not, saying, referring to the Egyptian fertility goddess named Isis.

But thanks to the vigilance of critics who came to lingerie for jihad conclusion, the British retailer Ann Summers has been forced to come out against the terrorists. The store actually released a statement clarifying, “We acknowledge the unfortunate timing of this product launch in our store windows, however we in no way support or condone any act of terrorism or violence….We apologise for any offence caused.” Well, now we know where they stand. I feel a lot better.

4. Search for Kim Kardashian porn transcends geography and operating systems.

It’s comforting to know that Kim Kardashian’s naked body can unite people across cultures and technologies. and Gizmodo just released a study on how different people consume porn. And the take-aways are overwhelming. I had no idea, for instance, so many porn fans, or human beings, used Windows. But, perhaps the greatest news is that whether porn fans are watching on their game consoles or cell phones, via windows, or MAC OSX, in the United States or in India, a lot of them are looking for video of Kim Kardashian boning. Among Windows phone searches, Kim is the fifth most popular search term on Pornhub; among android Tablets, she’s the 6th most popular and among android cell phones, she’s the second most popular. She’s only the 10th most popular Pornhub search term on Windows desktops; the fifteenth on Linux desktop searches; and the seventh on Mac desktops.

5. Larry Flynt Celebrates Hustler Magazine’s 40th birthday, and should really run for President.

I’m not a huge fan of Hustler. But I have to say, I’m pretty impressed by this porn mogul. As he celebrated the 40th birthday of his magazine, Larry Flynt waxed philosophical on free speech and politics: “Many people are confused about what free speech is all about. It is not freedom for the thought you love. It is freedom for the thoughts you hate the most.” Though Flynt, “couldn’t care less who’s in office. It’s who they appoint to the Supreme Court, because those people are appointed for life. And they really make the decisions that affect your everyday life.” One decision, which he laments, for example, was the 2010 Citizens United ruling, which “decided that corporations are people,” and was, “the most ludicrous decision I’ve ever heard of.”

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