Crazy idea: Mark Wahlberg should apologize for hate crime *before* asking for a pardon

via wikipedia
via wikipedia

Mark Wahlberg is seeking a pardon the various hate crimes he has underneath his belt. You may not know this, but Mark Wahlberg has quite an impressive record when it comes to terrorizing people of color. In 1988, Wahlberg approached a Vietnamese man, whom he called “A Vietnam fucking shit,” and then hit on the head with a wooden stick, breaking it in half and knocking the man unconscious. He fled the police and punched a second man in the face, also Vietnamese, because he’s productive and consistent like that, leaving him blind in one eye.  After he was arrested made Wahlberg made several statements about “gooks” and “slant-eyed gooks.”

Wahlberg has been very inclusive in his hate crimes. He also, for instance, chased after African American school children, calling them “niggers,” and hit two female school children with rocks.

Though he was charged with attempted murder, Walhberg pleaded guilty to assault, and was given two years and served 45 days.

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