14 Terrible revelations from the CIA torture report as told through GIFs of the Olsen Twins

via youtube
via youtube

Tuesday, the Senate released a 600-page report on the CIA’s use of torture.  While the extent to which President Bush knew about, understood or approved of the actions of the CIA isn’t totally clear, he certainly didn’t do anything to stop it. And he continues to defend the agency, saying during an interview on Tuesday,

I’ll tell you this… We’re fortunate to have men and women who work hard at the CIA serving on our behalf. These are patriots. And whatever the report says, if it diminishes their contributions to our country it is way off base. I knew the directors, the deputy directors, I knew a lot of the operators. These are good people. Really good people. And we’re lucky as a nation to have them.

We will never know how Bush really responded to the revelations that are found in the report. Nor will we know if he became aware of them as president or more recently. But we have documentary evidence of someone who really resembles Bush: Michelle Tanner, the character from Full House, played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. So, please enjoy these scary facts from the torture report along with GIFs which are the closest things we have to how Bush reacted.

See the GIFs at RawStory


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