Seven billboards proving why churches would make terrible standup comedians

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Add to the long list of “signs the church is out of touch”: really corny, eye-roll-inducing billboards that are more likely to repel than attract. I did find one funny one, which I saved for last…

1. The “We’re down with the Facebook” Billboard


2. The “internets, am I right?” billboard. 

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7 Church signs with painfully unfunny puns

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There are so many good reasons to avoid church– hypocrisy, corruption, child abuse, child abuse enabling and covering up. Now you can add a new one:  billboards trying and failing to be funny through painfully unfunny puns.

1. Put the fun back in fundamentalist. At least they’re honest about being fundamentalist.




2. The Devil’s in the Pun’s Clever Details.




3. When Hell is and isn’t a Curse. 


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