Throwback Thursday: 13 Times we’re pretty sure Rick Perry was high as a kite on drugs

image via youtube
image via youtube
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Ah, Ricky Perry. It’s so nice to have him in the race! Perry is probably the most entertaining of all the terrible people fighting for the nomination, though it’s hard to keep track because there are so many and odds are another person will have signed up by the time I’ve published this post.

But here are some moments when Perry’s statements or affect were so off, it was hard to believe he wasn’t on drugs. And, this isn’t just hyperbole. One 2011 speech in particular provoked speculation that the Texas governor was taking pain medication, since he had undergone back surgery. As The San Francisco Chronicle reported, one clip captured on video,

described by some as bizarre and incoherent, shows Perry mugging, joking and playing with the audience as he describes New Hampshire’s motto, “Live Free or Die” as “cool” and appears to collapse in giggles over a gift of maple syrup.

Perry shrugged off the criticism and appeared flummoxed by the attention to the address.

“I’ve probably given 1,000 speeches. There are some that have been probably boring, some that have been animated, some that have been in between,” he said.

Responding to the suggestions by some political observers that the animated Perry may have been on pain medication for his past back surgery, the governor said: “No. I was just giving a speech.”

And he wasn’t drunk either!

“Asked about “The Daily Show” comedian Jon Stewart‘s suggestion that Perry looked like he had been drinking, the governor said, “It wasn’t that either.”

“It’s not that I wouldn’t love to sit down with Jon and have a glass of wine,” he said with a laugh, adding “if he’ll buy.”

I’m sure Jon would be down.

Without further ado, here  is Rick Perry high as a kite on drugs, getting the voting age wrong, thinking Woodrow Wilson was alive ten years ago, and seemingly impersonating an effeminate gay man.

Top GOP Tweets of the Week

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The Republican candidates are the gift that keeps on giving. Whether they’re bragging about being dangerous, calling anyone who isn’t a millionaire “envious” or running around like a corporate lobbyist in a populist’s clothing, these GOP politicians never fail to provide comedic gold. While their soundbites have been combed, their tweets are relatively unmined. Let’s take a look at these nuggets of fun. (The following are screen shots I took of their actual tweets.)

You know his donations shot through the roof after this tweet. Even I donated. A girl can dream.

This is a double whammy! Gingrich thinks it’s noteworthy to be endorsed by major intellectual and political heavyweight Todd Palin. And the Newt seems to endorse someone else for president.

Jon Huntsman engages in some hot Mormon-on-Mormon folksy fighting.

But what if these will ideals refuse to accept your generous offer?

Cain doesn’t seem to get how primaries work. (I know he’s suspended his campaign, but Cain’s still in the race, for me, until he unsuspends he campaign and then terminates it.)

Ron Paul’s Twitter feed links to this photo. Ron prefers showing photos of himself with his son over actually appearing with his son. Rand was absent from the stage when Ron, surrounded by every other relative he could find, addressed his supporters in New Hampshire. I think he told his Rand not to come on stage with him because he made babies cry when he stood on the stage in Iowa.