Iowa mom teaches class on carrying your child and a gun at the same time

image via facebook
image via facebook

Ladies, who says we can’t have it all? Who says we have to choose between carrying our child and carrying our loaded firearm? Certainly not Melody Lauer, an Iowa mother of three and gun owner who is offering a “Babywearing and Carrying” class to moms (and some dads) who want to pack some heat and pack on the kid at the same time.

Lauer is uniquely qualified for this course, thanks to a strong background in both guns and attachment parenting. After receiving her firearm instructor credentials through the NRA, the Harvard of gun education, she worked in sales and as an instructor at gun stores and shooting ranges. Lauer has also, at the same time, worked at an “attachment-parenting center” that teaches childbirth, babywearing, and breastfeeding classes.

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Pistol Healing Emporium: ‘We’re gun-licensed therapists and our customers are insane’

via youtube
via youtube

Check out Big Bif’s Pistol Healing Emporium!

Have you been turned away from other gun shops for mental issues?

Has a pinch of PTSD kept you away from the AK 47 of your dreams?

Then come on down to Big Bif’s Pistol Healing Emporium. Cuz we’re gun-licensed therapists and our customers are insane.

That’s the opening of this video, which satirizes the gun industry’s reckless insistence on arming just about anyone, regardless of their criminal or mental health history.

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After 9-year-old fatally shoots instructor with an Uzi, gun range raises age minimum to 12


First, the bad news. 

  • A nine-year-old girl was learning how to use an Uzi sub-machine gun, when she lost control of it and wound up fatally shooting her instructor in the head at the Last Stop shooting range in White Hills, Arizona.
  • Her parents filmed it on their cell phone.
  • Charles Vaca, 39, is dead.
  • A nine-year-old girl will be psychologically scarred for life because she witnessed the death of a man she killed accidentally.
  • Parents will be psychologically scarred for life because they witnessed their nine-year-old daughter kill a man, accidentally, because they thought this was an age-appropriate activity.
  • People think that kids should learn how to use Uzis.
  • The shooting took place at a combined fast good restaurant and firing range.
  • A combined fast food restaurant and firing range exists
  • The tour company that brings people to the range is called Bullets and Burgers.

The Good News: Tragedies can serve as teachable moments. And that’s exactly what we see here. You see, before this death, the age minimum at the Last Stop shooting range was 8. I think we can all agree that that’s ridiculous. Especially when operating an Uzi. But now, a change has come. The age minimum is now twelve years old. And, as if that’s not already radical enough. the minimum height is five feet. Seems a little sizest and ageist to me, but safety first, I guess.


I know I feel a lot better. And I can’t help but think of this song.

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